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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 9:29 PM
Hello all!

I was tagged by my good friend :icondarkenmarr:

Its the old 10 questions tag, so here we go!

First, ten things about me:
1) Iv gotten into the habit of reading two books at a time; One I read on the bus, and the other I read at home.
2) Iv really taken to watching on youtube the vlogbrothers, Scishow and the other works of John and Hank Green.
3) Mom my has the gift, no matter where she goes, she always makes friends. That's a skill I really admire and try to emulate. God knows this world has enough terrible people and, I have no desire to be one of them.
4) Since my work hired a new Chef, my job satisfaction has dramatically increased. I'm now making the soup of the day, Quiche of the day, and Wrap of the day, and let me tell you, the food has never been better! :)
5) I have learned that everyone, EVERYONE likes the Fratellies, though they do not know it. :P
6) I'm almost 30, though I still act like a younger man, and I get a lot of people complementing me on how young I look.
7) I still do not own a cellphone, or have a facebook.
8) I think corsets are perhaps the most attractive thing a woman can wear.
9) I do not have much, but I am so thankful for the things I own, and the friends I have earned :) (and my two little kittens who play fetch, and help me cook)
10) I love bad jokes, they usually are the ones that make me laugh the most!

Now, the questions which I am to answer:

01) What's your favorite color and what does it mean to you?
Green mostly, but also Red and white. Green because it is the colour of life and growth, Red because its the colour of passion and love, White because its the colour (or lack there of) of purity.
02) If you were going to space and you were allowed only 3 things... what would they be?
Oh god, no idea. If only because I would be terrified of going to space :P

03) If you could change your name what would it be?
I'm cool with my name. I live vicariously through my RP characters :P
04) I think I was a bear in my past life....what were you?
Probably a fox.

05) If you're not a twin... what's it like being "single"?
I will answer your question with a question: What's it like to have a twin? I do not have a frame of reference to answer that question :P

06) Favorite scent/smell..... (mine is home, I miss the prairies of Wyoming)
Oooooh god! I'm a cook, you have no idea how many awesome smells there are! Cumin, cinnamon, fresh baked bread, sauteed onions, oregano, basil. Flowers are also nice, I like the smell of humid air, and how earth smells after rain.
07) Favorite part of your body, why?
My head. I like to think its my best body part because it houses my brain which I think is amazing, and my face which is my money maker!

08) Spring, summer, fall, or winter?
Fall. In Winnipeg the autumn is like all four seasons. Cool sunny mornings, hot afternoons, and then snowy nights.

09) Walk or Run?
Run! Always running :)

10) Tea or coffee?
Yes! I love both!

My questions to ask other people:
1) Viking, cowboy, Ninja: Which would you say you are?
2) Do you plan on becoming a parent?
3) Would you say you are an open person?
4) What kind of cake do you like on your birthday?
5) Do you watch Adventure Time?
6) What would be your dream job if money was not a problem?
7) Who would you want to play you, in the movie adaptation of your life?
8) Do you remember how you and I became acquainted?
9) Would you want to pilot a giant Mecha?
10) What would you want to order at a fancy restaurant?

I tag all 10 of my active watchers!

So in other news, check this guy out: :iconsharksang: He's got some pretty sweet stuff!

My life goes on. Still spending time with my gf, my family and friends. I'm working almost every day, and spending my time off working on D&D stuff. Good times.

My b-day is in a week! Woooo!

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Congos - Come with me now
  • Reading: Anansi boys by Neil Gaiman and Feast of Crows
  • Watching: Knights of Sidonia
  • Playing: Fallout: New Vegas
  • Eating: Burritos
  • Drinking: Water


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Dude, long time no see. How have you been?
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Iv been well. Life has kinda settled into a steady pattern of work and rest. Still playing Pathfinder and Magic on a weekly basis and yeah, life is alright. You?
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Glad to hear. My life's been hectic, what with needing to prepare for military service (it's only a few weeks away now), and setting up a writing blog while also fighting off a writer block.

But yeah, I've also kept two Pathfinder campaigns running while also playing GURPS with an online group. Been trying to balance out work and play so as not to overwhelm myself with everything. XD
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